Jul 18, 2015

Flowers Galore

  Photograph Orange Lily Drop by Jay Scott on 500px

As promised, here is the second lily photo from the two varieties we have in our backyard. The background was not as well-defined as I had hoped but I definitely need to tell you about it.

It's our TV! Choose the photo that you want, put it on the screen, adjust your shutter speed and aperture to make sure it is visible enough for your tastes and away you go. Infinite background options mounted to our wall. Of course, there are limitations but any photographer with a large TV that isn't making use of it for a background for head shots or still life like this is missing out.

  Photograph Serendipity Daisies by Jay Scott on 500px

As for this next photo, these gerbera daisies were a gift from Serendipity Flowers here in Saskatoon! I follow them on Instagram and I was their chosen supporter for the week so a lovely bundle of gerbera daisies arrived at our door. Of course, I couldn't not shoot them, both my enjoyment, portfolio and thanks to that business. They are in an accessible location, offered me to come peruse there cooler and make some photos. Likely the light would be inadequate and anyone who has read more than two posts on my site knows I prefer my photos thoroughly constructed and planned. However, I think I have found the business that I will choose to support this winter when there seems to be nothing interesting available to photograph in the still life and highly constructed photo category. Of course there will always be Fiona and Kiwi, but they aren't still life and with them there are often compromises in lighting and how many attempts you get to make the shot before their attention is spent.

The Enchanted Pond Lily photo from the previous post is likely going to end up beside my Zoo Pond HDR 2 photo that hangs on the wall of my parents-in-law. The wall is just a little bit too big for just one 20x30 so we have been trying to come up with the right subject, with the right colors, to complement that existing metal print. I think that the Enchanted Pond Lily, along with these Gerber daisies, will be the right fit and match beautifully.

Anyway, if you are looking for a local and independently owned flower shop, I highly recommend Serendipity Flowers. Not just because of the nice gift, but they seem like really, really nice people.

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