Jun 14, 2015

Springtime Flora

It is my annual intention to make something nice out of the short lived bleeding-hearts in our front garden. Last year yielded some nice results and I believe that photo still holds up well to the other bleeding-hearts photos on 500px. Our early spring, combined with life's obstacles, meant I didn't get to photographing our bleeding-hearts until they were past their prime so I needed to de-emphasize their waning state. How to meet or beat last year's photo? Lasers!

  Photograph Heart Within a Heart by Jay Scott on 500px

Add to that my new self-made strip light from the bottom, my assistant adding a nice touch from the top (after I realized something more was needed from above) all while holding Fiona and I think I managed to create something unique.

One of the bigger struggles lately in me having time and space to make a photo is our busy and remarkably fast daughter. I don't dare leave anything set up on the floor because of her fast speed she could have a hold of it, and potentially drag something down on top of herself, before we could catch her. Nobody wants any equipment damaged and we definitely do not want her hurt. She has enough little bumps all by her own efforts as she learns her fine motor skills and balance.

Last Monday we joined my in-laws at Pike Lake for a potluck and wiener roast. It was a beautiful +32°C with added humidity. I was loving it, the rest were feeling the intensity of it. Before Robin and the boys could join us, there was plenty of time for relaxation but you know that's not something I am very good at so I set up and tried to capture the beauty of one of the more despised flowers you can find anywhere. Dandelions.

I have never really minded them. I know that an unhealthy lawn can be taken over by their pervasiveness but I like their smell, color and feel, even if they are weeds. I hope the below one-light macro shot brings a bit of appreciation to their delicate beauty.

  Photograph Simple Beauty by Jay Scott on 500px

And, what cove of lovely dappled light, tucked away in the corner of the camp site, would be complete without a photo of our cute and precious little Fiona? She had an amazing day until her tiredness and the heat caught up with her and we had to make a pretty quick drive home. We still had a good number of hours enjoying a bit of roughing it, and the sound and smell of the campfire sure were refreshing.

  Photograph Fine Afternoon at Pike Lake by Jay Scott on 500px

Oh, and for what it's worth, that was an outfit she was wearing. As much as she's good at getting a hold of things like dish towels and table cloths, this time it was when she arrived with. It suited the unplanned photo perfectly.

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  1. Beautiful photos sweetie! You are so talented :)