Jun 29, 2015

Our Deck Guest

  Photograph Wolf Spider by Jay Scott on 500px

A good photo should evoke a reaction from people. I know that the reactions will certainly be mixed about the first one in this post.

As the title indicates, we have had a guest making good use of the structures on our deck to make its web. I wasn't sure how large the spider would get, starting from the tiny little thing that it was. But, I've intentionally left the web alone so it had the opportunity to grow. A few days ago I tried to rescue a few damselflies in distress but they were too wrapped up in webbing and died shortly after I freed them.

It took a few days for the spider to rebuild its web, especially as a new smaller spider of a different genus moved in and was competing for the web presence. Last night they had a small face-off just before I made this shot. With this heat and today's smokiness, I wonder how much longer this growing arachnid has, especially as it is getting too large for its usual hiding spots. I will keep watching and make a few more shots as it grows.

A huge credit goes to Angie and her boundless love and devotion as she helps me set up flashes, at 10:30 at night to make a picture of something she doesn't care to see much of. Credit goes further to her for making the two photos of myself and Fiona coming in the next post.

My apologies if you will be humming the Spiderman theme for the rest of the day…

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