Apr 8, 2015

Mommy and Me

  Photograph My Girls at Easter by Jay Scott on 500px

It took me way, way, too long to make a portrait of my two girls. Together, that is. I know that Angie wanted to feel that she was looking good on the day that I made the photo. We all know that Fiona always looks good. :-) At least for the five minutes that I have her attention and then it starts to drift. That's okay. As long as I'm set up and ready to get her during her best times following eating when she is just full of smiles.

This wasn't her best time and I missed focus on the best smiles because she so consistently wiggly but it's alright. I love her smiles but a little more serious face is good, also. Angie has her giggling up a storm in the living room right now. She didn't have the best nap this afternoon and that's always when it's easiest to get her giggling. For that matter, Angie and I laugh at our own silly jokes the hardest when we are very tired, before bed.

And, what would a photo session be without a nice outtake that shows her mid-laugh with those two cute little teeth showing in the bottom? I think she is working on a few more. She has been eating like a little horse, enjoying all of her milk as well as the feast she enjoyed at Easter dinner. She also had a very generous portion of the spicy pasta sauce we made the other night. I hope she continues to enjoy eating all of those delicious and adventurous things that Angie and I enjoy so much. I'm prepared to cook differently, if necessary, but it would be nice if she stayed interested in the intense flavors that Angie and I typically enjoy.

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