Aug 15, 2014

Perfect Poser

  Photograph Yellow Dragonfly by Jay Scott on 500px

I'm quite happy to see the number of dragonflies that have been in our backyard for over a month, now. Combined with the hotter, drier weather, they have done a fine job keeping the mosquitoes at bay. I haven't seen any specifically eating wasps, but the nest under our deck that I will get dad to take care of when they come up (as of the writing of this our baby has yet to arrive so I'm assuming they are not here), probably has had its population reduced thanks to the dragonflies.

I always find it intriguing to see how they go through cycles. Early in the season you will see the lovely light-blue colored damselflies which often move to the deeper orange and fuzzier looking dragonflies before some of the turquoise and huge black ones emerge. I don't recall seeing this many of the yellow ones pictured above as I have this year. Maybe the food supply is better or maybe the weather is just right for them. Either way, they are a beautiful and harmless insect that takes care of all the other pests. I think the only reason to not wish the extinction of mosquitoes and wasps is that they are food for dragonflies.

Maybe we should put some money into researching other food supplies for dragonflies and technology for the near extinction of mosquitoes and wasps, at least in the city where they are of little help in pollinating crops.

Here's hoping the next photos I have to share our of our baby.

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