Nov 26, 2013


This is hardly an award winning video. But, I am glad to have had enough time to learn how to use this GoPro, borrowed from one of the volunteers for Help-Portrait Saskatoon for our events. We wanted to have a time lapse of the days but also make certain that I knew what I was doing if I was responsible for setting up.

The rumors I heard about the GoPro 3 freezing up were true! I thought it was only when the highest resolution at high strain rate were used but even on a simple time lapse it would freeze up and not respond. Since it's not my camera I don't feel it is my place to upgrade the firmware to stop this behavior but I will let the owner know about it when it is returned.

We don't have the desired mounting hardware that I would like for this so at the end you will see where the gaffers tape I used slowly let's go until the camera points towards the ground over a bout a two-minute period. Must have been the steam from the simmering jambalaya that made the adhesive weaken. I have a bracket that will suffice for our events.

In addition to the drooping camera, I forgot that the Epicure chicken broth powder jar with the "Angela" sticker on it is, in fact, turmeric. As such we received our monthly dose of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in the 3 teaspoons of spice instead of 3 teaspoons of chicken broth powder. The jambalaya still tasted good but it was definitely very yellow and not quite the flavor we were expecting.

Anyway, I had been waiting to make that for a long time and it was really good. Probably won't be much activity here for the next few weeks as Help-Portrait goes on and wraps up so, until then, here's to warm temperatures and little snow.


  1. Had no idea you could work so fast. Where did you get that unique handle on your frying pan lid?

  2. I know how to cook, don't I? That handle was made by my custom fabricator who can build just about anything. It will be featured on Challenging Reality in the near future.