Feb 13, 2013

A Fine Hobby

But no replacement for photography. I've enjoyed the lanyards and key chains I've made. I have a few more things in mind and ideas for the future, but for now I need to keep shooting.

This belt was a huge project and the end result was worth it even if at times it felt tedious. It ended up being 44" long, stitched up 5mm at a time, with each stitch needing the remaining 50' being pulled through on each knot before the next stitch can be made. Of course this length was reduced as the belt was made, with 19' remaining on each end. It was a long process, but I'm happy with the final result. I plan to use it around my waist to tie a leash to and walk Kiwi this non-winter season we hope is coming. As well, I plan to give it a try for the carrying sling on my strip light and it can serve as something easy to grip when I need to carry or lift something heavy and awkward.

Next I plan to make a monkey's fist, a dog toy and a few wrist bracelets for the accessible weight machines at the gym. A person can learn almost any hobby or skill thanks to Youtube and the rest of the net.

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