Jan 31, 2013

KRISS Vector 45

My interest in firearms is certainly still alive and was sparked when my friend brought up one of his favorite new toys, a KRISS Vector 45. I made my decision some years ago, and in combination with the long gun registry implementation, to sell most of my arms to fund photography equipment. I made the decision to invest in something I can use daily without too much travel or complication, of which firearms do not fit the description for me.

I love photography but I do not deny the excitement and adrenaline even of simply plinking away at a coffee can. Scoring a gopher kill at 75+ yards with my little bolt action .22 is exponentially more satisfying. But weather, getting to a location friendly to a lowered floor minivan and always needing someone to assist with opening and closing gates to fields, setting up targets and the other logistics make it tricky and remind me that I made the right decision.

Holding a tactical-style weapon like this, with plenty of places for my paralyzed hands to get a good grip on, made me wonder if I would be able to load and use a semiautomatic rimfire rifle again. Shopping for them online surprised me at how affordable they can be. Thankfully the itch in my trigger finger is still being scratched by the shutter button on my camera and the difficulty of some of the logistics mentioned previously put that desire out of my mind. We will see what happens this spring when the offers I received this year to go target shooting are repeated. Not that I need a fancy new weapon, but it might be nice. I will always have my first rifle, a gift from my dad for passing grade 6, which I am still very proficient with.

If we would've had more time I would liked to set up a better setting in which to shoot so that I could've had a few more overall photos. But, I made due with some detail shots instead.

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