Nov 24, 2012

Would You Vote for My Photo?

It isn't often that I ask for your help, my readers. But, one of my most iconic images, "Splash of Colors" is what I chose to enter in the Midwest Photo Exchange contest with the theme of Colors. There are some beautiful entries, but I really think that mine has a chance to win. What I need for now, is your votes. You can only vote once (unless you grab a new IP address) so I appreciate your one time effort on my behalf.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would take the time, at least once but maybe every day, to vote for my photo, if you feel that it is worthy of winning and that you support me. There is no sign-up required, no personal information requested or anything that makes voting more difficult than to click the link below and then click vote. You will need to enter the capatcha phrase (the letters or words that make sure you are a human) to complete the vote so, two clicks and enter the words to complete the process.

Thank you very much and I will definitely let you know if I win.


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