Jul 28, 2012

Early Olympics

Yesterday's trip to the zoo was great. Many laps around, read some inspiring articles I've saved and printed out but most interesting was taking a path less travelled out to a dock that shows you a part of the zoo you seldom see. This path is fine sandy gravel. One bit of rain and by wheelchair it is impassable for days. Yesterday it was quite manageable though I was glad for the minimal gear I had with me as some parts of it are a little tricky.

Made a photo out on the dock of some duck getting ready for the olympics ready to start in a few hours. It got quite a buzz on Facebook. Trust me to figure it wasn't much of a photo because it was shot with a very low quality lens borrowed from a friend. The image quality isn't very good by my standards, but it was adequate to catch the moment. Why did I have that lens mounted? The reach, the light weight and because a very protective mother hen had a white and yellow chick with her but as soon as I got close enough to get a shot they scurried under her plumage.

So, here is your Saturday evening dose of cuteness, if you haven't already seen it on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Is that what you call "getting your ducks all in a row"? Just wondered. ha ha Normdaley

  2. I think that might be textbook "getting you ducks in a row". Never thought of that.