Jul 18, 2012

2012 Vacation - Reptile World 1

This is the first of likely eight posts. Yeah, I know. Eight posts on Reptile world. I didn't think I had that many photos worth sharing. The final cut as I prepare the posts may weed out a few that I was too generous with initially. For those less interested in photos of reptiles, don't worry. I have some nice food photos coming soon. Perhaps I will use them as an intermission from the Reptile World photos.

The visit to Reptile World was what I was most excited about on this summer's vacation. We went after supper on our final evening in Drumheller and though we missed feeding time, it was nicely quiet with plenty of time for a second look around to see if any of the animals were in more photogenic position. Because of that you may see the same specimen twice in different posts.

Without anymore commentary, here are the first of the photos.

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