Jul 13, 2012

2012 Vacation - Our Stops

Wanting to make the most out of our trip, we sought out points of interest around Drumheller.

After the Royal Tyrell Museum we checked in to our hotel then went for supper at Bernie & the Boys. It had great reviews. Our view was that it was adequate. Besides being a bit of a shack, and quite difficult to get in to, the food was reasonably priced and decent. The many flavours of milkshakes were what we were most impressed with. Angie's peanut butter milkshake and my pumpkin pie milkshake were the best part of the meal.

Wanting to do something in the evening, we looked for the hoodoos, went the wrong way but ended up at Horse Thief Canyon (the image will take a minute to load). You can navigate by clicking and holding your middle mouse button/scroll wheel and the left click and hold to move around:

UPDATE: You need a Google Earth plugin to view this. If you don't have or don't want it don't worry, you're not missing much.

That digital map is the best I can do because if I thought Bernie & the Boys was tricky to get in, getting to view that canyon would've been simply dangerous. Not the landscape, the drop off the asphalt. Honestly, I was very disappointed in the inaccessibility of Drumheller and area in general. Did I mention the free admission to the Tyrell Museum because of ramps that aren't up to code. Yeah, that about sums it up.

After the canyon we stopped back at the tourist info centre to get directions to the hoodoos. The suspension bridge I remember from grade eight was on the way.

After that we headed to the hoodoos, passing the campground we stayed at on our grade eight trip. I don't have a shot of the hoodoos as, once again, it was steel steps and platforms. The angle I had from the road would have been little more than a snapshot full of other tourists. So, we saw them then headed back to our room for the night.

The next day was our dinner theatre experience in Rosebud. What a quaint, welcoming town. So many of the art galleries, museums, gift shops and other attractions would have been nice to see, but they were up many stairs and the ones Angie saw were snug, anyway. So, I stopped by the meat market to pick up something for a little later. ;)

The streets were so quiet that sidewalks were almost unnecessary. Above, connected to the Meat Market, is the mercantile. You can see it at the end of the street below, connected to the restaurant where our meal was.

Across and just down the street from that is the theatre.

I know a certain set of parents who would enjoy the experience immensely. Maybe these tractors, immediately across from the theatre, will seal the deal, some day.

The meal was amazing. Buffet style brunch including salads, vegetables, fresh fruit, fruit salads, dips, pickled beats, pearl onions, olives, Belgian waffles with all the toppings, omelettes, Salisbury steak, hash browns, braised duck legs and a seafood stew with mussels, king crab and clam in a creamy lemon zest sauce. Yes, the stew was my favourite and I have no doubt that I ate $15 worth of king crab. It was so sweet. Then was the dessert table with pies, cheesecakes, brownies, pastries and more. I was too busy eating to make a nice photo of the food so my words will need to suffice.

The play was a musical version of Anne of Green Gables. The performances were simply excellent and since I had never seen the story so it was most enjoyable.

That evening we tried Cafe Ole for supper and after fighting the slope right up to the door, the thick mat at the door and significant ledge to get in, we discovered that their food was limited, despite online information indicating otherwise. So, we headed to Boston Pizza. It was adequate, but a chain, which we try to avoid in the interest of experiencing unique cuisine when away. After supper was Reptile World. Many posts on that coming next week. Skip ahead to the lake and time with my parents.

It really was a lot of relaxing. The mosquitoes were bad the first day, but the next day was great. Spent most of it on the deck which was fine with us. Mom had an excellent menu planned for us and we enjoyed the food, as we always do, very much. I did take the time to make a few photos as part of a project I'm considering revealing soon, but I probably didn't take enough candids at the lake. We considered making our Christmas photo, but both felt that we weren't looking our best so decided against it.

Kiwi always looks cute so she got a photo of her snapped around the great fire we had the final evening before returning to Saskatoon.

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