Jun 6, 2012

Saskatoon Forestry Farm and Zoo 2012 - 3

My posted photos are a few visits out of order. I was quite pleased with the photos from the trip in first few posts that these got put on the back burner. That was alright, though, as it gave me a better perspective of some of the first photos I thought were worthy but were not.

After the next few posts we will be caught up chronologically.

One bear butt, the other smiling.

Hard to believe that these fuzzy, cute little curious birds will become the vicious, hissing adults like their parents. I know they are just animals, but shouldn't their instincts tell them that a three year old, that just gave you a hand full of grain, is no threat? But they are still cute. :)

I always enjoy it when a photo can be made at a zoo that doesn't look like it was taken at one.

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