Jun 18, 2012

EBC Talent Show - June 2012 - 1

Two Fridays ago I had the opportunity to shoot another of the youth talent shows at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Once again, their talent, and willingness to share that talent, was  great.

The evening started with a small acapella group who, once they got over their initial giggles, sounded great.

These two young women performed a few duets beautifully.

This young man performed a solo piece written by Jimmy Page (lead guitarist from Led Zeppelin ) and sounded amazing.

I shot for awhile during the song, but once I was sure I got what I wanted, just sat and listened. It was then that I heard the complete silence of the audience. They had been cheering in support of the past performers but sat, fully captivated during his playing, until erupting a the end.

Yes, it was a talent show and some were dressed a bit more formally, but overall the casual nature of the participants and audience made the evening that much more inviting.

More in a few days.

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