Jun 27, 2012

Tuffy and Kiwi

As you may have observed on my Twitter feed, we looked after Tuffy last week.

Both dogs were pretty good and even played together quite a bit. I guess Kiwi still knows how to play with other dogs, it just takes the right dog and we have met very few of those.

Watching her come running in to greet me in the morning, then turning around to bolt for the bathroom (where Tuffy slept), sliding to the door on her chest in a playful bowed position, was great. His play noises sound like a grumbling old man, but he was having fun.

That said, he is getting up there and slowing down. Certainly we got a few bunny runs out of him, and he looked about two again, but I thought a few nice shots of him might be a good idea.

Aside from a few stern warnings about barking when Angie's clients arrived, he was very well behaved and I look forward to seeing him again now that I know his personality, likes and dislikes better. I will know how to play with him and get him excited more.

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