May 17, 2012

It's All in the Details

A short while back I completed the website for friends of ours who own and run Baraka Care Homes Ltd here in Saskatoon. Nothing fancy about the site, just the necessary information. The last wrinkle was to get Google, the host of the site, to detect it and put it in their own directory. Ironic, we know. Hopefully by linking to the site here in this post it will boost it to the top position when searched for. It began around sixth or seventh and within a few days was second. Only a care home aggregator is higher.

The frustrating part of the build was that they wanted their addresses kept off the site to minimize the number of drop-in visitors but every other site they were listed on had their address. Far beyond our control. Just to clarify, people are welcome to learn about the homes if they are considering it for themselves or their parents. But Dwayne and Karen are not always at either of the two homes and dropping in when the staff may be busy is not ideal. Not to mention, those residences are people's homes and they don't necessarily want strangers dropping in and disrupting their very important routine. A little notice ahead of time goes a long way.

Above is a test photo from the purchase made with the gift given for the website build. A Nikon 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED AF-S VR Micro Nikkor. A peacock left us this present yesterday down by the pond at the zoo. Not my best photo, but for now I'm testing the lens' performance. Much more interesting photos will come.

One more using a six second long shutter length and painting the light in precisely where I wanted it. Just one little flash from the side to rim the feather and give it some dimension.

Much like sparkling snow, it was difficult to capture the beautiful colour and shimmer of this little feather. I did get a bit more out of the second photo by rotating the light across the front during the six second exposure.

From the twenty photos I made with this I know I will be happy with it. In nearly pitch black the autofocus locked on easily. That's the Nikon AF system for you. :) The closest distance it can focus is superb (these feather photos are much further away than the closest it can go) and will reopen the door to water drop photos and much improved food and flower photos.

It is so nice to buy a piece of equipment and not worry if it is a lemon. Of course some are defective. It happens. But maybe one out of one hundred. Not three out of the five like from my old system purchases. Sorry, Pentax, you let me down. I'm a Nikonian.

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