Apr 12, 2012

Some Minor Changes

Okay, here goes nothing. I say that because I have installed a newer version of dictation software and we have no idea how accurate it will be until I get it trained to my voice over the next few months. So, if something I say makes no sense at all pretend it is a game of Mad Gab and slur their words together to try and figure out what I have said. :-) So far it has not made a single error in this paragraph so I am feeling confident about it. On to the topic of this post.

When I decided to trust my photo hosting to 500px I felt like I had made a good choice. Certain features that Flickr has it did not. The community base was much smaller, but Flickr is years old and 500px.com was brand-new. Very recently 500px.com instituted the one feature that I was missing most from Flickr and that was the ability to group photos into sets. As for the community, this website has exploded with people, has an amazing rating system, has excellent support and the commenters and contributors are top-notch.

Previously I was able to group photos into different portfolio collections. You'll still be able to see those by accessing "The Portfolio" but it will be thinned out to contain only the best images. The problem with what I consider to be the best images is that a lot of people like the photos I feel indifferent about. I do not want to limit the photos that are available for sale because of a portfolio collection that has been minimized to show what I consider only the best. Now with the option of creating sets, that is remedied because I can include in that set all of the photos of a specific category that I would be willing to sell as a product.

Because of this change there has been a slight adjustment to the navigation on the right hand bar of this site. It is pretty self-explanatory and should take little to no time for you to determine where to find the photos you are looking for. As always, if you find any dead links or errors I have made, during these blurry hours before bed, would you be so kind as to let me know about them so that I can fix them.

Have a great weekend and I hope to have some more interesting news and photos for you soon. For now I am keeping the details under my hat.

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