Apr 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

I just wanted to wish you all a happy Easter and give a brief update. Most of the time when I say that I get long-winded, but here goes.

Life has been busy. Sold Angie's car, spend a fair bit of time shopping, test driving and searching for the new one. We found it. A very low mileage 2005 Nissan Altima. It's not likely to win any beauty contests, but is in great shape and will hopefully last many years. Angie likes it and the mediocre green colour of it is even growing on her. We were grateful to have my dad's expertise and experience in test driving and negotiating last weekend when we bought it.

The nicest part of this buying experience was that we were in no hurry, had our maximum price in mind and were very ready to walk away from the first condescension or liar of a salesperson. I did not mind being Angie's chauffeur but I did realize how much it would have occupied my regular activities if I had any planned and made for busier days than I am used to. In one of my regular driving duties I met a patient at City Hospital going through the same thing I did so many years ago.  It has been nice to be able to share tips and tricks with him and to do what I can to help the way my peers helped me so much when I was first injured.

Along with car shopping last weekend, with my parents here for a visit, was assembling the new barbeque, grilling four New York's to perfection on it and quality time with family. This week I made a big leap forward in the final stages of a website I'm building for friends and will launch it after final review and edits. Some prop searching, buying and modifying got done for an upcoming shoot as well as a business meeting/coffee with fellow photographers and friends.

My best friend, Stacey, was up to pick up his dad from the airport so we had a meal together. Looking forward to a meal with his wife and children as they head back to Regina from a weekend trip to Edmonton. Stacey is back to Florida for work. Yesterday was a great, impactful Good Friday service then brunch with friends and today is doing taxes (maybe) before Easter supper at Angie's parents' with her whole local family.

Those have been the causes of the silence on here. I hope to sort through more photos, get the worthy ones uploaded to 500px and share them on here. Then we'll be into spring beauty and I'll be anxiously venturing out for exercise and photos.

Happy Easter and welcome to spring.

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