Mar 6, 2012

Problem Solved, For Now

All photos in older posts are now appearing properly. If they are not showing up for you after a Ctrl+F5 please let me know.

The problem was that the server hosting the files was switched at 500px. That's why older photos were not working but newer ones were. So why did the links to get to the photo on 500px still work?

That address is like an information desk. Your computer asks where to get information on the service you are looking for. They direct you to a manager. Your computer goes looking but the problem is that the manager no longer works there. Left standing in a huge building, surrounded by thousands of other pieces of information, without the information you seek, your computer can only give you a blank look. Kind of like us at the West Edmonton Mall this past weekend.

Actually, we had a great trip. The roads were great when we travelled, navigating was a breeze, we enjoyed our room, our meals, our shopping and our own bed when we got home. Our stops included, in order: the Olive Garden, the Kingsbury Mall, Massage Supply Outlet Store, Ikea (but not before we missed the exit and were 10kms toward Calgary before we could turn around, ironically on the same road that would lead us right to the Deerfoot and Ikea in the south end of Calgary), Edmonton South Commons Shopping Centre, Joey's, The Royal Alberta Museum, West Ed Mall and the Cheesecake Cafe.

It was a good trip, but great to be back home and begin our new routine with Angie now working from her home office.

I didn't take my D700. Just the iPod and a key chain camera. Work with what you have and stand behind my belief that it's the photographer, not the gear, that makes a photo. The caveat being that there is obviously a point in which a $6 key chain and iPod meets its limits.

For now, I offer a collection of photos and video from our awesome supper at Joey's. I'll be having that Panang Prawn Curry Bowl again! It was the best atmosphere I've ever experienced. When asked if we wanted to be in the lounge, dining room or poolside I immediately and simultaneously thought, "They have a pool!" and "Eww, chlorine smell while we eat?" The poolside was more accessible, and not for swimming (smack my forehead), so they placed us there. I'm very happy they did.

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