Feb 15, 2012


Monday evening a few photographers, also from Saskatoon, dropped over for a potluck food photo shoot. It was a lot of fun and whether a single good photo was made or not, it was the kind of social gathering of local photographers I crave. In fact, I'm thinking about trying to organize something monthly. Food, a photo walk, maybe portraits of ourselves or of a model (I know some guys that have working relationships with a few models), or anything else that comes to mind. On to the food.

We started and ended the evening with some sushi I bought at Charlie's Seafood Market here in Saskatoon.

The maki consisted of California rolls, curried chicken and a type (I'm unsure of the name) with roe.

Because of a different plating and setup we left the smoked salmon nigiri until the end.

I was in a low key, dramatic light, mood. It worked just fine with me, but the white, bright background and setting Kim used made for very inviting photos. Nice to see such diverse photos of the same subjects by different people with just slight changes to lighting or setting.

I did find myself experiencing a bit of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) during and after the shoot. My current lenses don't let me get as close as I need to to get the shot I want. I am hoping the macro lens in my future comes on sale again before flower season.

More of the treats we shot and ate to come.

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