Feb 21, 2012


Marla and Kim brought dessert. I wasn't happy with my photos of the home made caramels so I won't post any. Kim brought M&Ms and chocolate covered popcorn but I never got around to shooting them as it was getting late. They did top the chocolate pudding with some of the popcorn, though.

We called it "pooding" because as it was squeezed out of the bag into the glass it was a tightly curled spiral that held it's shape quite like... soft ice cream.

It was a good evening and I'm already thinking about the next event and getting the message out so people can plan well in advance. If you're interested if joining us for the next event drop me a line or comment. There is nothing to be intimidated about here. We're all learning, help is free and plentiful and stepping out of your comfort zone might be just the boost your skills need.

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