Jan 21, 2012

Third Annual EBC Youth Talent Show

Last Friday evening I photographed the Ebenezer Baptist Church Youth Talent Show. I missed last year's due to weather and/or being between cameras. I forget which was the main reason.

The first year had a much larger number of male performers including multiple bands. This year the young men's performances included a walk-on humorous summary performance of Romeo and Juliette and a water chugging contest. Both were good for a laugh.

Danielle sat down at the piano and played Für Elise as beautifully and easily as can be.

The one dance number of the evening was so elegant and graceful. Her hair certainly added to the twirls and movements.

The final performance was a one-time band of guys that, though intended to be humourous, was really well done and I could easily see them taking things beyond a single performance.

My only regret of the night was missing the shot of a guy crowd surfing in the very mini mosh pit.

I look forward to next year's talent show.

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