Jan 19, 2012

Kiwi and Her New Pillow

As Angie prepares to move her business home we have bought a nice big pillow for Kiwi to spend time on in my office. She is a sweet dog and loves anyone once she gets to know them.

Unfortunately, she has two phases. The "I don't know you, yet" barking phase and the, "Hey, I know you!" barking, squirmy, must greet you, phase. Both will require patience and understanding from myself,  Angie and her clients. Thankfully, being out of sight and near me keeps Kiwi much, much calmer. This pillow will give her a very comfy out of sight alternative to the couch.

Kiwi and Her New Pillow by Jay Scott (jayscottphotography)) on 500px.com
Kiwi and Her New Pillow by Jay Scott

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