Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I know this may look like the obligatory well wishing post for the year that has arrived. And it is. But I won't carry on to excess about what to expect here on Jay Scott Photography.

The photos will come, though less frequently than in the past. Far fewer visits to the zoo this past year means there will be no Saskatoon Forestry Farm and Zoo series as there was the past two years in the previous home of this site.

Behind the scenes opportunities are being worked on at a comfortable pace, though somewhat slowed by unexpected food poisoning in our household to start the year. Some minor medical maintenance at the end of January has me in a preparation mode to work on what can be worked on and get done what needs to be normally done during what will be, I hope, a brief recovery period. Opportunities will be accepted and scheduled as they come to ensure the results produced are best for everyone.

With this gentle start to winter, spring will be here in no time. all should be back to normal by then, with administrative maintenance taken care of, and that is when I'll emerge from my well heated den to enjoy the best Saskatchewan has to offer.

All the best in 2012 and don't be strangers in the comments or email!


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