Dec 18, 2011

Christmas Favourite

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a bad sweet tooth. A few days without something like a cookie, granola bar or similar treat and I notice myself getting a bit cranky. An addiction to be sure. Certainly I do enjoy good fruit, and like to start my day with a banana, but except for the absolute best it is not a replacement for a sweet treat. The exception to this is the one thing at Christmas I like better than any other. Nuts and bolts.

I've had many recipes with many different ingredients and variety of seasonings, most made by family or friends of family which serves to make me even fonder of the snack. This year I think we got it just right except for the lack of Chex cereal in Canada. That was easily forgotten as Bugles were back in Canadian stores for this season, hopefully for good.

We used pretzels, Bugles, mixed nuts, Cheerios, and Shreddies. The seasoning included margarine, onion powder, garlic powder, Worcestershire and chipotle powder. There may be more that I'm missing. The main objective was to reduce sodium where we could. The flavour is there, but your tongue doesn't burn from sodium for two hours after eating them. Have any recipe suggestions? Leave a comment.

This week will be full for us as it likely will be for you so let me take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas. I hope it is safe, filled with excitement, love, peace and time to reflect, appreciate the birth of Jesus and the hope it brings for mankind. I'm looking forward to giving gifts to those I love, but feel a few steps further away from the commercialization of Christmas than usual. It is a nice weight to not have on my shoulders.

Have a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate!


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