Oct 27, 2011

Saskatchewan Swashbucklers

I could barely wait to post this. Saturday I was given the opportunity once again to make photos for the Saskatchewan Fencing Association. This time not for a calendar, but portraits for the provincial team.

The shoot went off without a hitch largely in part to the superb attitudes and dispositions of those being photographed. It occurred to me just now how having your friends and colleagues there could both help you smile but also add a degree of stress as a person wants to look good around your peers. They did an excellent job.

Rehearsal, our solid communication and Angela knowing what was needed before anything was said made certain the equipment and setup was as it should be so that the focus could be on the athletes and working their expressions and poses.

Once again it was a pleasure to work with such great athletes with such great attitudes. I'm far from the sports fan I used to be, but even greater is the sophistication of fencing than golf or tennis.

I really hope that all comes together for a special event planned shortly (that we're not at liberty to divulge) and for the upcoming national tournaments. I have been more than a little surprised at how much sports have been my subject in the last year. Certainly not my strong point, but practice makes perfect.

I provided a sports drink commercial look version of the team members' more serious poses as well as natural tones. Some may love it, others may not. At least the option is theirs.

This was not all of the team members and it was not my desire to exclude anyone. I simply chose to include a selection of my favourite photos from our session on Saturday.

Working with people like this, helping them to intimidate their opponents, making Saskatchewan look good and building ongoing relationships with great organizations really makes our work rewarding and fulfilling.

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