Sep 8, 2011

What's Happening

Why the summer was slow for shooting, I do not know. Now that people have returned from holidays and the normal routine has returned I am finding opportunities.

Much photography is needed for our church, Ebenezer Baptist. Congregation photos, event coverage, website photos. The list is actually quite long so I have no excuse to not be shooting. I suppose post processing and office work are reasons. As well, I'm embarking on a fourteen week exercise, nutrition and wellness program aimed at those with mobility impairment. It looks extensive and well put together. I'm happy to have Paul as an accountability partner in this effort.

Labour Day found us at the John Arvat Pond enjoying the weather and watching Paul and his family kayaking with regular taunts asking me if I am going to try it.

Next year, I think.

Hot Racks Bakery has approved of my work so tomorrow I will drop off the gift I have for them and see about a few Hot Knots to photograph and enjoy next. Top notch quality from that business. They will do well and we are behind them!

As well, I've become aware of a small number of people interested in learning how to use their DSLRs. Their initiative and enthusiasm has me excitedly preparing to teach again. The classes will be during the weekdays which is ideal for me and though it is a splendid coincidence that days work so well for the first three students, there is room for more if any readers are interested in the details.

So, please keep your eyes on the 500px page as I'm trying to add at least on new photo each day. There may not be time or content to write a deep blog post, but new photos can be found there regularly.

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