Aug 25, 2011

Time Lapse Coffee

I would say that the move was successful. I can see to statistics that people are still visiting the site so I know it is not lost to them and that access is available to the public.

I know I've not been posting any of the photos uploaded to but the new uploads are visible, with links to them, in the right-hand bar below the collections section. Ultimately, I would like to find a way to provide a thumbnail of the images, but until I figure that out the text that leads to the image will have to do. And of course you can see the whole gallery by going to the link at the top right of the navigation bar.

As time permits I will try to post a few of the photos as they upload, even though most of them are old. It's really an inopportune time of year for this to all be done. January is an excellent time of year for digital housekeeping. Late summer and fall is not as I try to wrap up all the errands and tasks that are best done before the snow flies.

Earlier this week, while enjoying my first French press coffee with Jason at Museo, I set up the iPod for another time lapse.

It would have been better but for the very restless patron in the purple bunnyhug. I hope you enjoy it, anyway.

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