Aug 27, 2011

Hot Racks Bakery Premiere

At long last the new neighbourhood bakery is open.

Friday I stopped in to see their products and buy something for supper. It was fine veggie bread and I look forward to trying a cinnamon bun or other sweet tooth satisfying pastry.


  1. Nicely lit, and well framed! I want to smother cheese on that broccoli, ha ha. My mouth waters just looking at the photo, so good job!

  2. Very impressive picture - I look forward to seeing some more HR stuff! We are serving Hot Knots now and would love a few more pictures. You are hired!
    Warren aka Money Racks!

  3. Great photo! I can almost smell that wonderful Hot Racks bread!

  4. That Hot Racks Bakery is to die for!! Everything they bake is amazing!! Be ready.. the Coconut Macs and the Hot Knots are addicting!! Buy twice as many as you planned because you'll be craving them before the end of the day!!! Hot Racks when you are ready to grow.. you are welcome in our neighborhood first!!

  5. Thank you, all.

    DRDrep, I was planning on visiting you tomorrow even before you dropped in here. I certainly will, now.

    Which neighbourhood are you in, Anonymous?

  6. Hey Anon - thanks for the kudos! Being a new business, this really means a lot to us!! My Google Blogger name comes up under my day job which is Dental Sales Guy (thus the DMD and the 'rep'). Most people just call me Warren